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Is your garden developing in a completely different way than you expected? Have you invested in land and need to move a tree to make way for building? You need a tree relocation company to safely move the tree and create space for your landscape dreams to become a reality.

Landscaping with large trees can be overwhelming. Nature has its own plans, and you might end up with trees where you don’t want them. You may find your trees are having difficulty growing in their current location, or they’ve used all the available space around them. If that’s the case, it’s time to move your large trees and make way for new landscaping designs.


A Vision for Landscaping

Transplanting a large tree requires meticulous planning. We want to ensure the tree survives the shock of the relocation and thrives in its new location.

Before a project begins, we sit down with our clients, discuss their needs, and establish a plan. We also study the tree’s new proposed location to ensure the area is suitable for the tree to grow. Trees need nutrients, light, and space to grow. It’s essential to ensure the soil is ideal for the tree and that there is abundant space for the tree to grow for decades to come.

It may seem like a complicated process, but it’s always worth taking the time to do things the right way.


Preparing for Relocation

We start the relocation process by digging around the base of the tree and exposing the roots. The size of our root ball depends on the size of the tree trunk. Larger trees require bigger root balls because they need more roots to take in nutrients from the soil.

We aim to keep as much of the tree root system intact as possible to help it regain its growth in the new location.


Our Patented Arborlift® System

Although cranes, tree spades, transporters, and other heavy equipment are all used during the transplanting process, we also operate our patented Arborlift® system to lift the tree on inflatable, pneumatic cylinders. Using these “air wheels,” we slowly roll the tree across the ground to its new location. Every few feet, we take the cylinder at the back of the line and move it to the front to create a continuous track for the tree.


Tree Relocation

If your landscaping designs require us to relocate the tree before planting, we have tree boxing and tree relocation programs that allow us to safely store and take care of your tree until your landscape is ready. This program allows your plant not to be disturbed, and you will have time to build, expand, and construct while we tend to your tree.

Once your garden, commercial site, or municipal area is ready, we transport the tree to its new location. We dig a hole big enough to embrace the tree root ball and position the tree inside.

Our transplanting program is followed by aftercare services to ensure your tree survives the relocation and flourishes in its new position.


Why Do We Care about Mature or Heritage Trees?

Big trees carry a history. They define the landscape they are in, having been there for decades—if not centuries. Sometimes they carry emotional weight, having been planted by a relative or friend now passed. Some may be in a public space and have become the focal point of a whole community, a place where people meet, sit under the leafy boughs, enjoy the shade, and share their lives and stories with each other.

Trees tell stories about our past and are the keepers of our future stories. By preserving them, we are making sure our communities have a constant thread. Tree transplanting is a way to honor trees and create continuity between past, present, and future.

To us, transplanting a large tree helps us combine technological excellence, expertise, and deep admiration for what trees represent.

We have more than 40 years of tree transplanting experience. Our moving technicians are specifically trained in our patented processes and can safely operate our tree spades and heavy equipment.If you want to save a tree and need it relocated, we are here to help your landscaping dreams come true. Call us now at (800) 376 – 4260 or contact Environmental Design online. We have offices in Texas, California, Minnesota, and Austin, and we move trees nationwide.