What We Do

We built our entire company around our love for trees and helping our clients shape their landscapes with and around the natural beauty of some of the country’s largest trees. Environmental Design has designed, patented, and built the largest hydraulic tree spades in the world. We own and operate a fleet of hydraulic tree spades from 65 inches all the way to 168 inches. In addition, we have more experience, over 30 years, and expertise in large tree transplanting than any tree transplanting company in the world.

Large Tree Transplanting

Our tree moving technicians are trained in our patented processes and operate our tree spades that range from 65 inches to 168 inches. Large tree transplanting often requires the relocation of the tree for a period of time.

Tree Farming

Use your own land to grow your own specimen trees. Environmental Design are experts in planning and implementing tree farms to fit your project horizon. We expertly maintain and grow your tree farm to be used in whatever needs you may have. Once grown, we are ready to move and plant them on site.

Arbor Lift

Patented in 2014, ArborLift™ is revolutionizing the giant tree transplanting industry. Utilization of this method often times eliminates the need for large hydraulic cranes and heavy-duty trailers/transporters as part of the tree relocation process which may reduce cost.

Specimen Tree Nursery

For over 40 years, Environmental Design has been widely recognized as the premier tree relocation contractor in the world. Over the past decade, we have enjoyed significant growth in our tree supply and installation business, even during difficult economic times.

Custom Grow

We custom grow trees with asymmetric root systems for eventual installation. We have completed projects for the National 9/11 Memorial, Uptown Houston, and the Nicollet Mall in Minneapolis, MN.