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Over 40 Years In Specimen Tree Supply

We grow, harvest, deliver, install and warranty our trees. EDI has thousands of acres growing across the U.S. to meet all of our clients needs.
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Large trees shape our landscape and tell our story

Large trees have created memories and served as gathering places in years past. For over 40 years we have worked with our clients to develop large tree transplanting solutions that meet their needs. Every large tree is unique, and requires a detailed plan for transplanting or preserving the tree.

Environmental Design grows a wide range of species all over the country.

Why is Environmental Design different? EDI has been on the tree planting forefront over the last 40 years, developing the technology and processes that allows for the highest survival rates in the industry. We have evolved as a company, planting thousands of acres across the country to provide the best specimen trees to our clients. EDI plants, harvests, delivers, installs and warranties our trees.

Our Specimen Tree Supply & Custom Tree Grow Service

Environmental Design works with our clients and their designers to understand the “vision” of the landscape designer and the client to implement the best possible solution to transplant any or all of their large trees. By diligently working with our customers we have been able to develop creative, yet reliable large tree transplanting solutions for our clients.

Whether it’s a large scale construction project or a residence, Environmental Design is committed to exceeding the clients expectations. Our staff is composed of the most experienced professionals in the industry as well as multiple certified arborists and urban foresters. We have developed patented tools and processes that allow our experienced team to deliver and plant trees with the highest survival rates in the industry.

Environmental Design is the industry leader when it comes to large tree transplanting and tree planting. Contact us today with your tree planting needs and we will be glad to help you complete your vision for your landscape design project. We work anywhere in the USA.