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ArborLift® Is Our Process For Moving Large Trees Safely & Efficiently

Patented in 2014, ArborLift®  is revolutionizing the giant tree transplanting industry. Utilization of this method often times eliminates the need for large hydraulic cranes and heavy-duty trailers/transporters as part of the tree relocation process which may reduce cost.

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ArborLift® Is Tree Moving At Its Best

Through the employment of a series of inflated pneumatic bladders with extremely low ground bearing pressure installed beneath a rigid lifting platform, ArborLift® allows for the controlled rolling of giant trees over turf, concrete, and hardscape surfaces with minimal disturbance. Moreover, ArborLift® adds a safety component to giant tree transplanting not available when using cranes and or lifting gantries. ArborLift® also ensures root ball integrity by eliminating pipe platform deflection. Environmental Design, Inc. is currently utilizing ArborLift® throughout the United States and elsewhere. This method is often the best choice for tree moving projects in cities and municipalities with ordinances requiring the preservation and or relocation of heritage trees affected by new construction. This patented technology allows us to safely relocate trees with root balls in excess of 36′ in diameter with weights exceeding one million pounds.