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Custom Grow

Environment Design Inc. does custom tree grow projects via our contract grow division for various companies, services, and places around the U.S.A. From the 9/11 memorial to the Texas cities to Universities in California, we will not only grow trees that fit your needs within 50 miles of your project, we will relocate and transplant them for you as well.

Custom Grow Benefits

  • Custom Rootball Sizes
  • Meet Specific Clear-Trunk Heights
  • Insure Supply
  • Save Money
  • Removes construction project seasonality restrictions

National 9/11 Memorial

EDI is honored to have worked for the 9/11 Memorial to bring trees to the National 9/11 Memorial in Lower Manhattan, NY. EDI started with the project in 2007 procuring 500+ trees in the impacted states (NY, NJ, MD, VA), consolidating trees at a nursery within 50 miles of the Memorial site, and custom growing the trees with asymmetric root systems for eventual installation. EDI began installing trees on the Memorial in 2010 and continued installing trees until 2015 as sections of the Memorial were completed. In all, 416 trees were installed at the site by EDI including the “Survivor Tree.”

Uptown Houston

On the main artery of Uptown, Houston, a transit expansion project put the street’s existing tree canopy in harm’s way. EDI was contracted to re-purpose existing trees to parks and public places, to custom grow 900 trees over a 4 year period and to install 900 trees on the expanded boulevard.

Nicollet Mall – Minneapolis, MN

EDI was tasked with the procurement, delivery, and installation of approximately 300 specimen trees. Species included maple, oak, and birch. This challenging project required a high level of logistical / traffic control coordination as well as strict adherence to project milestones as the completion of the entire project coincided with the city of Minneapolis hosting of the 2017 Superbowl.