Over 40 Years In Tree Farming And Giant Tree Moving

We Help Your Team Grow Your Own Trees

Large trees

shape our landscape

and tell our story

Large trees have created memories and served as gathering places in years past. For over 40 years we have worked with our clients to develop large tree transplanting solutions that meet their needs. Every large tree is unique, and requires a detailed plan for transplanting or preserving the tree.

Environmental Design

has designed & built

the largest spades in the world

Environmental Design has designed, patented, and built the largest hydraulic tree spades in the world. We own and operate a fleet of hydraulic tree spades from 65 inches all the way to 168 inches. In addition, we have more experience, over 30 years, and expertise in large tree transplanting than any tree transplanting company in the world.

Tree Farming

Environmental Design works with our clients and their designers to understand the “vision” of the landscape designer and the client to implement the best possible solution to transplant any or all of their large trees. By diligently working with our customers we have been able to develop creative, yet reliable large tree transplanting solutions for our clients.

In many cases we are working with our clients to help them complete a construction or landscape design project and large trees on site pose a complication in regards to completing the project. We have developed patented tools and processes that allow our experienced team of tree movers to design and implement large tree transplanting solution.

Large tree transplanting requires unique skill sets and specific tools to successfully complete the task at hand. Our tree moving technicians are trained in our patented processes and operate our tree spades that range from 65 inches to 168 inches. Large tree transplanting often requires the relocation of the tree for a period of time. Our tree boxing and relocation programs allow you to develop a construction schedule to meet the needs of your project.

Environmental Design is the industry leader when it comes to large tree transplanting and moving. Contact us today with your large tree transplanting needs and we will be glad to help you complete your vision for your landscape design project.