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Need to hire a nationwide tree-moving company?

In the tree-moving industry, companies must provide environmental solutions as part of their services. At Environmental Design Inc. (EDI), we farm and offer mature trees to various large-scale projects across the United States. Understanding this lifecycle, from a tiny seedling to a fully-grown tree ready for transplant, is essential for arborists and those interested in the environmental and aesthetic impacts of tree farming.

At EDI, we aim to equip you with the knowledge you need to make the most informed decision about your tree project. Are you looking to complete a landscape project with a specimen tree? Do you need to add fresh forestry to a new landscape? EDI is here to help. Join us in understanding our process from tree farming to transplant.

The Beginning: Seedlings and Growth

In tree farming, the journey of a tree begins as a tiny seedling. This initial stage is crucial, setting the foundation for the future health and viability of the tree. Our tree farms are designed to provide the perfect environment for these seedlings to flourish.

At our nurseries, each seedling receives meticulous care, ensuring the right balance of nutrients, water, and light. This nurturing environment is critical for growing strong, healthy trees. With over four decades of experience, EDI has a deep understanding of this process. By managing our own tree farms, we ensure a steady supply of mature trees tailored for various large-scale projects. Our farms are not just about growing trees; they are about cultivating a legacy of greenery for future generations.

EDI’s approach to tree farming is centered on both quantity and quality. We employ advanced techniques to monitor the growth of each tree, ensuring that every specimen meets the highest standards of health and robustness. This attention to detail sets EDI apart in the industry and enables us to provide trees that are not only beautiful but also durable and suited for their intended purpose.

Furthermore, our role extends beyond just growing trees. We assist businesses in establishing and maintaining their own tree farms. This service is invaluable for companies looking to grow mature trees for commercial use. It’s a sustainable approach that benefits the environment and the economy, allowing for the growth of trees that are destined for varied commercial landscapes. In doing so, EDI also helps these businesses gain agricultural exemptions, demonstrating our commitment to supporting sustainable agricultural practices.

Identifying the Right Time for Transplantation

At EDI, the process of identifying the right time for transplantation is approached with a blend of scientific assessment and years of accumulated expertise. The growth journey from a seedling to a tree ready for transplantation is monitored precisely. Our experts pay close attention to various factors, including the tree’s size, its overall health, root development, and adaptability to new environments. Each tree species has its unique requirements and growth patterns, and understanding these nuances is key to successful transplantation.

EDI’s role in this phase is not limited to our tree farms. We extend our expertise to assist other businesses in determining the optimal time for transplanting trees grown on their farms. This involves assessing the tree’s maturity and ensuring it has reached a stage where it is resilient enough to withstand the transplanting process. This assessment is crucial, as transplanting a tree too early or too late in its life cycle can affect its chances of survival in a new environment.

Another aspect that EDI focuses on is matching the tree to the project’s specific requirements. Each project has unique landscape needs, whether a public park, corporate facility, or private residence. Our expertise lies in identifying which tree species and what size tree will best suit the project’s aesthetic and environmental requirements. This custom approach ensures that each tree survives the transplantation and thrives in its new location, contributing to the landscape’s overall beauty and ecological balance.

The Transplantation Process

Transplanting a mature tree is an art and a science, requiring a delicate balance of technical skill and an understanding of the tree’s biology. At EDI, this process is approached with a level of care and precision that speaks to our expertise in the field.

When it comes time to move a tree from the farm to its new location, the challenges are numerous. The process starts with meticulous planning, where every aspect of the move is carefully considered. This includes evaluating the tree’s size, health, and the specific conditions of its new environment. Special attention is given to the tree’s root system, which is crucial for its survival post-transplant. Our team at EDI prepares the tree for the move, ensuring that the root ball is adequately protected and preserved during the journey.

The physical act of moving a tree, especially a large one, is a complex task. It involves uprooting the tree and transporting it safely to its new location. This is where EDI’s patented ArborLift® technology comes into play. ArborLift® revolutionizes the tree transplanting industry by enabling the safe and efficient relocation of large trees. This innovative method often eliminates the need for large hydraulic cranes and heavy-duty trailers, which can reduce costs and minimize the environmental impact of the relocation process. The use of ArborLift® signifies a significant advancement in the field, showcasing EDI’s commitment to combining technological innovation with environmental stewardship.

ArborLift® works by employing a series of inflated pneumatic bladders installed beneath a rigid lifting platform with extremely low ground bearing pressure. This ingenious system allows for the controlled rolling of giant trees over various surfaces with minimal disturbance. It adds an unparalleled safety component to giant tree transplanting, a crucial factor when dealing with trees with root balls over 36′ in diameter and weighing over a million pounds. This method ensures the integrity of the root ball is maintained throughout the process, a critical aspect for the tree’s survival and future growth.

EDI and ArborLift®: A Perfect Match

Integrating ArborLift® into the tree transplantation process represents a significant leap forward in the field, and Environmental Design Inc. (EDI) has been at the forefront of this innovation. ArborLift® is not just a tool; it’s a testament to our commitment to combining cutting-edge technology with environmental sensitivity.

The genesis of ArborLift® lies in the need for a safer, more efficient way to move large trees. Traditionally, the relocation of giant trees involved heavy machinery that could harm the surrounding landscape and the tree itself. In 2014, EDI patented ArborLift®, revolutionizing the approach to giant tree transplantation. This method significantly reduces the need for large hydraulic cranes and heavy-duty transporters. The implication of this is far-reaching, not only in terms of cost reduction but also in minimizing the ecological footprint of the transplantation process.

ArborLift® is particularly adept at handling the challenges of moving giant trees. It employs a series of inflated pneumatic bladders positioned beneath a rigid lifting platform to gently and securely lift and move the tree. This technology allows for the controlled rolling of trees over various surfaces, including turf, concrete, and hardscape, with minimal disturbance. The process safeguards the integrity of the tree’s root ball, a critical factor in ensuring the tree’s survival post-transplant. By eliminating pipe platform deflection, ArborLift® maintains the root ball’s structure throughout the relocation, a crucial aspect that sets it apart from traditional methods.

EDI’s use of ArborLift® has profound implications for tree conservation, especially in urban areas. Many cities and municipalities have ordinances requiring the preservation or relocation of heritage trees affected by new construction. ArborLift® is often the best choice for these projects, as it allows for the safe relocation of massive trees, preserving these natural legacies for future generations. This patented technology has enabled EDI to safely relocate trees with exceptionally large root balls, some weighing over a million pounds, across the United States and beyond.

A Commitment to Excellence

Environmental Design Inc. (EDI) has established itself nationwide as a specialist in the realm of tree farming and transplantation. This commitment is reflected in the quality of the trees we grow and transplant, the breadth of services we offer, and the depth of expertise we bring to each project.

For over 40 years, EDI has been setting the standard in the tree relocation industry. Our comprehensive service offerings span from large tree sourcing and procurement to project-specific custom growing. This ensures that we can meet the diverse needs of our clients, whether it’s for a large-scale construction project or a private residence. Our capabilities in managing thousands of acres across the U.S. demonstrate our ability to provide a consistent supply of high-quality trees tailored to meet our client’s needs.

Our approach to tree farming and transplantation is holistic. We work closely with clients and their designers to understand the vision of each project, ensuring that the trees we supply align perfectly with the landscape design. This collaborative approach allows us to offer creative yet reliable solutions for large tree transplanting and tree planting. Our in-depth understanding of landscape aesthetics and environmental sustainability complements our expertise in selecting, growing, and moving trees.

The EDI team comprises the industry’s most experienced professionals, including multiple certified arborists and urban foresters. Our patented tools and processes, including ArborLift®, enable us to deliver and plant trees with some of the highest survival rates in the industry. This level of expertise and innovation underscores our dedication to exceeding our clients’ expectations, regardless of the project’s scale or complexity.

Ready to Make Some Big Moves?

Environmental Design Inc. is more than just a tree farming and transplantation company. We are industry leaders, innovators, and stewards of the environment, committed to enhancing landscapes while preserving the natural beauty and integrity of each tree we handle. Our work goes beyond mere transplantation; it involves creating lasting, living landscapes that enrich communities and the environment alike. Ready to make some big moves? Contact us today!