Pebble Beach Golf Links

Additional Info

Client:: Pebble Beach Golf Links

Location:: Pebble Beach, California

Geography:: Hardiness Zone 10a

Type:: Golf Course Construction

Project Requirements:: When the Pebble Beach Golf Links was opened in 1918, the 18th green was guarded by a huge Monterey Pine that forced golfers to approach the green from the ocean side. When the pine succumbed to pine pitch canker and was removed, the play of the hole changed dramatically. The Pebble Beach Company asked us to find a tree to return the hole to its former glory.

Project Process:: Environmental Design located a 200-year-old Monterey Cypress on the side of the first fairway and presented a plan to move the tree across the golf course to 18th hole.

Project Solution:: During the 6-month process, Environmental Design root pruned the tree, encapsulated the rootball, and installed a lifting platform in preparation for the transplant. The tree transplant was accomplished in 5 days during which golf operations were never shut down.