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5 Reasons to Hire a Certified Arborist

Landscaping involves passion and knowledge. Our crews at Environmental Design Inc. believe in the scope of their work because they are passionate about the value of trees.

Through 40 years of tree-moving and tree-relocating, we have developed extensive, expert knowledge on all things related to tree care and tree maintenance. That’s how we know what it takes to do proper landscaping.

Our people are guided by certified tree arborists who have been trained to plant and care for trees. We have moved hundreds of trees across the United States and abroad and our arborists have been there to root-prune trees and guide our spades to lift them up. Our arborists also decide on the best site for tree relocation for optimal tree health.

Our dedication to our work means we know the value of a certified arborist. Before you start your commercial landscape project, call Environmental Design Inc. and let our certified tree arborists help you make the most of your trees and your land. Here are the top five reasons why!

What Is a Certified Arborist?

First of all, though, just what is a certified arborist? A certified arborist is a person that has been certified by an organization, usually the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA). The certification states that this person has the right knowledge and training required to work on all topics concerning trees. That means caring for, maintaining, cutting, moving, and pruning trees of all types.

Once certified, the arborist is required to continue training and stay up to date with new information and techniques regarding trees. A certified arborist is knowledgeable and can offer the best, most appropriate, and most informed advice on trees on any type of landscaping project. It is thanks to our arborists that we have successfully worked with municipalities, universities, and cities to move large specimen trees across long distances.

1. A Certified Arborist Knows What Trees Need

Certified arborists have been trained to provide tree care. They look at trees and check their roots, leaves, and branches. They then deliver a report on their needs and requirements.

Judging by the overall health of the tree, the arborist will suggest the right fertilization regimen for your trees to give them strength and add years to their lives.

Sometimes landowners and project developers are quick to dismiss trees, even older ones. Instead of cutting down an older or sick tree, an arborist can tell you whether a tree can recover and add value and beauty to your land while also increasing the overall value of your project.

2. A Certified Arborist Knows the True Value of a Tree

Nobody knows trees better than an arborist.

Arborists know how trees add value to projects and properties. Tall trees, for example, provide shade and beauty to the land—always a desirable feature. They also lower the ambient temperature and make buildings feel cooler and more pleasant. People prefer living and working in areas planted with trees, as they are happier, healthier, and more productive in such surroundings.

In public projects, trees have great community value. They define an area and create places where people mingle and share time together. Trees become part of the community and deliver an invaluable benefit to people and neighborhoods.

Mature trees have grown for years and are rich in history. Instead of planting young trees and waiting for them to gain height, it is much better to take care of existing trees and make use of their immeasurable value. A certified arborist can help you determine how to make the most of existing trees on your property.

3. A Certified Arborist Can Increase the Value of Your Investment

You should consult an arborist before starting a commercial or private investment. The arborist can tell you how to incorporate trees that already exist in your landscape. They can suggest how to use trees to create beautiful vistas and which trees are worth keeping because of their intrinsic value, age, and health.

A knowledgeable arborist will help you choose the right trees and the best location to plant in your landscape. They can help you find the right spots to move your trees to. In addition, they will guide you as to the best places to plant new ones and show you how to optimize the use of your land for better returns.

With the guidance of an arborist, you can design your landscape with the right trees—new and existing ones—and increase the value of your investment: it is suggested that planting a tree delivers a return on investment between 100 to 200%. Such an investment is thus well worth exploring.

4. A Certified Arborist Will Move Trees Safely

Sometimes trees need to be moved. They might be too close to a house, their roots or branches may be threatening a structure, or they may lie right in the middle of the development project a contractor has in mind.

The first instinct might be to cut down the tree. However, a certified arborist can provide various other solutions, including moving the tree to a better location. Unless the tree is dead or sick, you can probably move the tree to a more appropriate location and free the area for construction without threatening its health.

The arborist will determine the type of tree, the width and depth of its roots, and whether it has a tap root. They will then prune the roots and wait for the tree to develop feeder roots. When the time is right, we will dig out the tree with the help of tree spades, trucks, and even our Arborlift® system and move the tree to a more appropriate location.

This way, the land will retain its original beauty and botanical worth, while safeguarding the project or building. It’s a win-win situation for all parties.

5. A Certified Arborist Has the Right Equipment

You may have noticed how we mentioned spades, trucks, and various equipment. That’s because tree care requires proper equipment and tools.

A certified arborist needs to stay safe during all tree work—and so does your property. You don’t want branches dropping on your roof or on the development you are just building. Only a person with experience can ensure that all tree work is carried out in the most optimal way. Likewise, branches that touch utility lines must be removed carefully using proper tools and equipment.

Broken and diseased tree limbs require a different approach because they may be dangerous. An arborist has specialized chainsaws, crosscut saws, pole saws, pruning saws, ladders, ropes, cables, helmets, and other types of protective gear.

If tree removal is required, the certified arborist will bring tree spades, trucks, forklifts, diggers, and other necessary tools for safe and proper tree relocation.

Let’s Discuss Your Needs

We credit our arborists with the high rate of success of our projects and trust them to give us the best advice on tree care, tree health, and tree maintenance. If you need to relocate a tree, call us today at (800) 376 – 4260 or visit Environmental Design Inc. online to discuss your needs. We have offices in Texas, California, and Minnesota, and move trees across the United States and even abroad.