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Trees add value and interest to any golf course. They can outline paths, provide beautiful views, and define golf course areas.

Sometimes, however, trees on golf courses may have outgrown their space, hinder the development of the golf course itself, or create obstacles in the playing conditions. It’s then time to call in a tree relocation expert.

That’s where we come in: we safely relocate trees with our tree spades and replant them in an area that fits the tree’s growth, adds value to the area, and enhances golf playing.

Changing the Landscape with Trees in Mind

Tree canopies are spectacular to view and provide shade and habitat to many animals. When we need to change the landscape, we take into consideration how to move the tree, where to plant it, and how to ensure its survival.

It can take months to plan a tree relocation, even if it is only across a golf course. There are several tree relocation steps that need to be followed. First, we root-prune the tree. Next, we encapsulate the root ball to protect it and ensure that it recovers from the relocation. Only then can we install a lifting platform in preparation for the transplant.

This is what our company did in a tree relocation project in Pebble Beach, where we located a 200-year-old Monterey Cypress on the side of the first fairway and presented a plan to move it across the golf course to the 18th hole. Even though the project lasted for five days, we were able to keep the golf course open throughout the transplanting process.

Transplanting Trees for New Construction

Golf courses often expand into complete resorts with hotels and other buildings. In such cases, trees need to be relocated to make space for hotel construction.

With careful and resourceful planning, we establish where transplanted trees can be replanted to offer shade, create an alleyway, and provide breathtaking views.

In order to transplant tens—if not hundreds—of mature trees like oaks or cypresses, we use our unique technology: our patented Arborlift® system. This system allowed us to successfully transplant 45 heritage oak trees with root balls in excess of 30′ in diameter at Congaree Golf Course. Additionally, we mobilized our 168” and 125″ tree spades to transplant over 250 oak and pine trees.

Redefining the Landscape

When redefining the landscape, there is no need to cut down century-old trees. Old trees have a history behind them and offer us a snapshot of the past. Preserving an old tree amounts to preserving a bit of our own history.

With careful design and good planning, even the greatest trees can be relocated. This adds value to the golf course, provides magnificent views, and keeps healthy trees alive.

Using the right equipment and expert know-how, golf courses can take advantage of the existing tree canopy and provide scenic views to golf players and visitors alike.

To source, install, or relocate a tree on your golf course, contact Environmental Design!