Project Outline

St Luke’s Boise Sequoia:

In the fall of 2016 EDI was contracted to perform a massive tree moving project. The candidate, a child of John Muir the naturalist who was instrumental in preserving our country’s national parks. Muir sent 5 seedlings he grew from seed collected in what is now Muir Woods (located just north of the golden gate bridge) in 1909 to a Doctor friend in Boise Idaho. The Boise Sequoia is the last remaining of the original 5 and grew to over 110′ by the time it was slated to be transplanted. After performing a root pruning in September of 2016, EDI returned in May of 2017 to transplant the giant sequoia to its’ new location in Ft. Boise Park approx. 1/4 mile away. The encapsulated 42′ rootball weighed in excess of 800,000 pounds and traveled in the middle of a Saturday night with 500 local residents guiding and cheering it along the way. It is now under the care of Brian Jorgensen of the City of Boise parks department. We expect the tree to continue its recovery and re-establishment for 5 years and continue to grace the city of Boise for hundreds of years.


Boise, ID


St. Lukes Hospital

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