San Diego Zoo

Additional Info

Client:: San Diego Zoo

Location:: San Diego, California

Geography:: Hardiness Zone 10a

Type:: Resorts

Project Requirements:: The San Diego Zoo, home to the largest Strangler Fig (Ficus watkinsiana) in the U.S., wanted to use the tree to create a unique entrance to the new Monkey Trails and Forest Tales habitat. Environmental Design was asked to not only move the tree to a new location horizontally, but also to lower the tree 30' to allow visitors to experience the primate exhibit from an elevated walkway in the tree canopy.

Project Process:: Environmental Design determined the route the 168" diameter, 440,000 pound tree had to travel to its new home. A tracked gantry system was selected as the most suitable and preparations were made to perform this complicated tree transplant.

Project Solution:: The tree was carefully root pruned and encapsulated. A tracked gantry system was constructed at the site and the tree moved 300' horizontally and 30' down to its new home.

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