Nasher Sculpture Center

Additional Info

Client:: Peter Walker & Partners

Location:: Dallas, Tx

Geography:: Hardiness Zone 5a

Type:: Public Spaces

Project Process:: The Nasher Sculpture Center is a publicly and privately funded art exhibit built in downtown Dallas, Texas to showcase Mr. & Mrs. Nasher's extensive sculpture collection. Peter Walker & Partners designed a garden plan calling for over 150 mature trees including Live Oaks, Cedar Elms, Crepe Myrtles, Southern Magnolias, and Willows to accent the art pieces. Environmental Design was tasked with procuring and culturing the trees 2 years prior to installation, and transplanting the trees into the busy downtown site. Some of the challenges on this project included the transplant of trees up to 18" caliper and weighing over 100,000 pounds as well as the management of traffic and pedestrian control at the busy downtown site.