Park Lane Development

Additional Info

Client:: Harvest Partners

Location:: Dallas, Tx

Geography:: Hardiness Zone 8a

Type:: Mixed Use

Project Requirements:: Harvest Partners envisioned a mature landscape for their mixed use development project. They asked Environmental Design to help preserve the most attractive specimens existing on the property in order to achieve their landscaping objectives.

Project Process:: Environmental Design established two temporary, irrigated holding yards at opposite ends of the property. One was used for 9" - 13" cedar elms and specimen crepe myrtles, which were transplanted using our 10' hydraulic spade. The second yard was dedicated to (25) giant red oaks, live oaks, and cedar elms. The 14' tree spade was used for the onsite transplants.

Project Solution:: The native trees are safely preserved in the holding yards, and will remain under the care and supervision of Environmental Design until being re-transplanted into their final home in the permanent landscape.