Kiawah Island Golf Resort

Additional Info

Client:: Kiawah Island Golf Resort

Location:: Charleston, SC

Geography:: Hardiness Zone 8b

Type:: Golf Course Construction

Project Requirements:: Project design called for the transplanting of more than 300 large specimen oak trees to key spots around the development. Environmental Design presented a plan to transplant these trees into a holding nursery and then re-transplant them to their final locations.

Project Process:: Using Environmental Design's patented 14' spade, the trees were successfully transplanted from difficult sand/high water table conditions to a holding nursery and finally to the golf courses and resort areas under construction.

Project Solution:: As a follow-up to this project, Marcia Passos Duffy visited this property 4 years later and checked on the health and vigor of the transplanted forest. Check out her observations in the article Instant Forest! Transplanting on a Massive Scale