Environmental Design Launches TreesDirect!

For over 30 years, Environmental Design has been widely recognized as the premier tree relocation contractor in the world. Over the past decade, we have enjoyed significant growth in our tree supply and installation business, even during difficult economic times. We have also recognized an opportunity to reduce overall project expense by delivering specimen trees directly from their source(s) to the project. We are excited to announce the launch of TreesDirect, which is a new service offering focused on sourcing, supplying and installing specimen trees for landscape projects anywhere in the world. By leveraging the combination of our own nurseries and the most extensive network of quality growers from around the world, TreesDirect is perfectly positioned to solve the most complex specifications and logistical challenges. Whether your project simply requires assistance with locating critical plant material, or if turn-key supply and installation services are what is needed, let Environmental Design - TreesDirect provide the solution!