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The Nuts and Bolts - The Box Tilt Trailer

11/17/2016 - Trees are hardly known for their mobility, and yet, moving trees is exactly what we’re doing.  In many cases simply digging and lifting will do the job, but it’s often not that easy.  Enter the Box Tilt Trailer.  Like many of our machines, the Box Tilt provides a very simple solution to a very complicated problem.  In this case the problem is that trees stand straight up while current traffic laws (and laws of physics) would rather they travel laying down.  If the tree is too large to be transported by spade, the Box Tilt could be the answer.  The tree may begin the process with a good root pruning followed by in-ground boxing, or the tree may be boxed from the get-go in a custom grow situation.  The aptly named Box Tilt slides its forks underneath and tilts the box and tree back onto the trailer while clamping the top of the root ball that is fitted with a custom cover to keep it from crumbling away in transport.  The tree is then comfortably supported with hay (technologically advanced shock absorption) and strapped down.  The Trailer and its passenger are then ready for the ride.

While not every job calls for it, the Box Tilt provides many advantages that often edge out other possibilities for moving these larger trees.  Its configuration allows it a smaller profile on the road, ensuring the tree and existing infrastructure (ie:  bridges, powerlines, etc) are no worse for wear.  Additionally, the tree can be tilted to any degree along the way, allowing us to navigate tight, tricky corners while avoiding shaving off the overhanging top of the tree.  Lastly, the versatility of its design makes it capable of picking up and tilting a variety of trees in equally diverse conditions.  Our Box Tilt Trailer is one of our trees’ more unique modes of transportation.