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The Heartwood - David Marks

The Heartwood - David Marks


The story of Environmental Design is a long one, filled with many twists and turns.  David Marks has been along for the ride nearly the whole time.  This year marks his 35th anniversary with us and we want to take the opportunity to celebrate his vast contribution and great heart for the job!

What is your role at EDI in your words? At one time when the company was smaller I did almost everything except the accounting. In the last 10 to 15 years since we have grown about 80% of want I do is sales, proposals, contracts and client interface. The other 20% is spent recruiting new people, field lay out and finding new tree sources.

What was your favorite project? There have been so many good ones over the years it is hard to pick just one: Wynn, Pebble Beach, 911/Memorial etc. One of my favorite things is building tree farms. It's not as intense as large tree moving projects, more controllable/predictable. It's very satisfying when you grow a beautiful 4" diameter tree 14' tall in 3 years from a small container using water, fertilization and pruning.

What was your proudest moment at EDI? I would have to say being at the 10th anniversary of 911 at the 911/Memorial knowing that our company grew and installed all of the trees. Seeing the survivors gathered in the plaza to remember their loved one for the first time was very emotional. 


Where would you like to see yourself and the company in 10 years? Semiretired, working 3 days a week selling jobs, recruiting, mentoring new younger entry level employees and staying involved with tree farming. What we do is very unique and satisfying. You can see the results of your efforts at the end of almost any day. God has truly blessed our company!